Sue - Dog Whisperer/CEO

Jason - Dog Whisperer/CFO

Hello,  We are the founders  of Pet Bazaar NC. Together with our Australian Shepherds Saphira and Eragon we maintain a healthy happy dog pack for fellow dog lovers to bring their pups to play and stay for overnight cuddle sessions. 

See our "Meet the Owners" page for more info

Michele - Dog Whisperer

With over 20 years of foster and rescue experience, Michele feels right at home surrounded by dozens of dogs each day. Her favorite yard days include giant cuddle puddles with lots of snugs and kisses. She is especially keen to the needs of our sensitive dogs in the pack, big and small, she makes them all feel loved and right at home. Her rescue, Maverick, a shepherd mix from Puerto Rico, joins Michele in the yard every day.

Kat - Dog Whisperer/Pupceptionist

Kat moved from Alaska to CB to enjoy the beach life! She enjoys taking her pups Lucy and Bodie on long walks at the CB state park and to the beach. We value her vast dog knowledge and enjoy her good vibe attitude. 

Andi - Pack Leader

Andi enjoys her days in the yard at Pet Bazaar meeting and playing with pups of all breeds, shapes and sizes. She's cared for animals her whole life and in addition to her black lab Bocephus, has two kitties and a tortoise at home.

Ashley - Pack Leader

Ashley has a bubbly personality and enjoys working with all types of dogs. Her summers are filled at Pet Bazaar as she prepares for college life in the fall.

Clark - Pack Leader

Clark is a longtime friend of the Bondy family. He has worked for Pet Bazaar since 2018. He is known for always bringing good vibes and fun times for the pups and staff here at Pet Bazaar. His dog Stella loves to jump ridiculously high for water. (not pictured)

              Ryleigh - Pack Leader/Manager relief 

Ryleigh came to us in 2019 with a quiet demeanor. She has been a great asset in our dog pack. She has 2 chiweenie brothers named Chandler and Joey after the t.v. series Friends.  

Myla - Pack Leader

Myla is a shy sweet fur-friend lover. She can get the tiniest timid dogs to relax and unwind. It takes a gentle soul to relax nervous nellies and we could be happier to have her in the PB pack.  


                             Joanie - Pack Leader

 Joanie has a passion for dog packs. She is a natural in our yard and all dogs adore her.  She is a natural. 

                           Alex - Pack Leader

Alex has been a loyal client of Pet Bazaar's for years. He loved us so much he asked to be apart of Pet Bazaar in 2019 in his spare time and he loves his fur-family pack! He loves traveling whenever he can and is a true adventurer.