Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Pet Bazaar NC different than other kennels?

Pet Bazaar NC is a Home Environment Boarding Facility. We will only take pups that can be in the daycare pack during the day as we want dogs outside having fun. We believe in keeping things as close to a home environment as we can get offering outside play and cool down play in doors while listening to some mellow tunes or watching movies like Bolt and Homeward Bound. 

What Dogs do you have?

Sue has an Australian Shepherd female named Saphira. She is the Momma Pack Leader and is always "working."

Jason has a Miniature American Shepherd  male named Eragon. 

How do i get set up to use your facility?

If you would like to become a new client please view our virtual tour to see our pawfect facility. Every year we have an "Open House" so you can see the behind the scenes at Pet Bazaar and get to know the staff you don't see in the yard playing and cuddling your pups. 

We post daily on Facebook and Instagram. "Pet Bazaar NC"  & pet_bazaar_nc

We have a new policy regarding vet visits: All dogs must wait 10 days after all vaccines. If the pup has never received the vaccine before we request a 14 days waiting period. This ensures all dogs that enter Pet Bazaar are as healthy as they can be. Questions? contact Sue 407-867-1875

If your dog has been to another facility in the last 14 days they will not be admitted to play at Pet Bazaar. We try our best to maintain a healthy kennel. Germ transfers from pet stores, vet visits, dog parks, and other kennels can cause a major outbreak by just once dog catching a bug or being a carrier of an illness and showing no systems.  Please respect the request to wait before potentially exposing other dogs that do wait. 

All dogs need an assessment to be able to book boarding or be daycare approved. This involves your pup being here for 4-6 hours, the assessment days for this are Monday - Friday. We prefer to have this arranged ahead of time to ensure we have all the information and shots needed. Please contact the kennel ideally between 10am-4pm during our quieter times to arrange.

Once your pup has had this assessment and passed you can bring your pup for daycare without an appointment but boarding you will need to call to make a reservation.

What information do you need to know about my dog before they arrive?

-We need to know if they have had contact with other dogs. We prefer you not to use dog parks and our facility as dog parks are not sanitized or monitored and we want to keep all the pups at Pet Bazaar healthy.

-Allergies (if any)

-Are they allowed treats?

-Has he/she ever bitten other dogs or humans?

-Food or Toy aggressive?

-We require all dogs to be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. If your pup is over this age then we will individually assess your pup. 

***Please note your emergency contact is crucial if your pup is unaltered. If they become aggressive or in season, your emergency contact MUST pick up while your away.***

-Has your pup had all the required vaccines?

What do i need to bring when i drop off my pet?

We need a client agreement and shot records showing they are up to date on the following:

For dogs older than 1:

they must have had been through the puppy shots and boosters then this is the minimum requirements after this.

* Bordetella -annually and not given within 2 weeks unless its a booster.

*Rabies -annually or 3 year vaccine

For dogs younger than 1 we require the following:

*Bordetella - annually and not given within 2 weeks unless its a booster.

*Rabies - annually or 3 year vaccine

*Lepto annually

*Distemper/Parvo/DHPP (puppy shots) - these can be called various different names at different vets

After Dogs are over 1 year old and have received above vaccines:

*Bordetella annually

*Current on Rabies

What are your hours for drop off/pick ups?

Boarding and daycare hours are: 

Monday-Saturday we are open 7am-7pm 

Sunday's we are open 9-5. 

We do prefer pups that are boarding to arrive in the morning/early afternoon so they have time to play and have fun before going into their overnight accommodation.  

My pet needs special care, can you accommodate?

Yes, We are very comfortable giving oral medication and injections. We have also fed raw for strict dietary needs.

Can I check to see how my pet is doing?

Of course! We post daily pictures and videos on:

Facebook - Pet Bazaar NC

Instagram - pet_bazaar_nc

Whats the best way to get in touch with you?

We try to answer promptly to emails and messages thru facebook, but the fastest way is via phone call Kennel: 910-707-1005 OR Sue for emergencies: 407-867-1875. If you do leave a message on the phone over the weekend for general queries or questions please note we may not be able to return your call until Monday.

What happens if I'm visiting and my dog is boarding with you but doesn't pass the assessment required to board?

You will need to have an alternative plan for your pup as we do only take dogs that are able to be in the daycare pack during the day.

Will my pet be left unattended for any given time?

Absolutely not! A Staff member will be with the pups 24 hours a day.  We will not come to the door or answer the kennel phone after hours though.    

What happens if a hurricane is forecast to hit nearby

In the event that the bridge is closed then we will need all dogs collected from our facility either by the owner or the emergency contact listed on the client agreement.  Please ensure during the hurricane season June 1st to November 30th that your emergency contact is correct.

We will reopen to the public as soon as we have inspected the facility and deem it safe to reopen.

Oh no its after hours and I haven't collected my dog, what am I going to do?

Its ok we automatically board your dog at 7pm (no exceptions) so don't worry we will take great care of your dog overnight and you can collect from 7am or later the next morning. (9am or after on Sunday) This is our standard price for free roaming at $55 per night. We will feed our food to your dog which is $2 per cup. We DO NOT like feeding our food as it might upset their tummies and cause mood changes so this is something to be mindful about when you collect your dog. 

Where are you located?

We are right behind Flaming Amy's Barn in Carolina Beach directly across the street from Town Hall.